The Company Publishing the Platform ( is SOS SAHEL International France, a French association "Law 1901", recognized as a public utility since 1984, a member of the Charter Committee of organizations appealing to the generosity of the public, domiciled at: 2 Avenue Jeanne, 92604 Asnières-sur-Seine Cedex. Tel: +33 1 46 88 93 70 Fax: +33 1 46 88 70 67

Contact Administration of the Platform

Jean-Marc GARREAU, Programmes Director, SOS SAHEL International France

Africa Office, Zone 15, Almadies, Dakar, Senegal

BP 45517, Dakar Fann; Tel: +221 33 820 51 64


Platform Host Contact

Our host is Keli Consulting:


42, Keur Damel City - Dakar - Senegal;

Tel: +221 76 256 66 50/ +221 77 135 84 81

IUCN is supporting the platform through its Global Arid Areas Initiative, with funds from the GEF/UNEP,

Intellectual property

All photographs and all content broadcast on the platform (images, articles, photographs, logos, brands, videos, interviews, sounds, texts, etc.) are the exclusive property of the authors who deposited them there and can be used by users of the platform for noncommercial uses.

Similarly, the partners forbid themselves any schemes and action that could directly or indirectly infringe the intellectual property rights of other partners.

The content of the platform can be removed or modified by the administrator at any time and for any reason. The user receives no justification and notification.


Registration on the platform is optional. You can choose to be a simple visitor and enjoy certain services of the platform: visualization of partners, consultation of resources, announcements and discussions, etc. Registration is necessary if you want to add partners, share information and announcements and also participate in the electronic fora that the platform allows. Registration requires filling out a form by which the user of the platform shares certain personal data.

The information collected on this form is stored in a computer file by SOS SAHEL. They are intended for SOS SAHEL and third parties mandated for internal management purposes, to meet your requests. SOS SAHEL is committed to:

  • Secure the personal data of partners who register on the platform against unauthorized access;
  • Keep partners' personal data secure in compliance with its privacy procedure

However, SOS SAHEL cannot fully guarantee the leakage of personal data that the partner provides. Anyone with access to the platform's servers can see the personal data. If needed, SOS SAHEL may provide a list of these individuals at the request of the partner who can contact SOS SAHEL by the following addresses: Tel: +221 33 825 69 49; Email address:

Also, texts removed from the platform are not automatically destroyed. They remain accessible by authors on the basis of an administrative authorization to view and restore previous versions.

Responsibility limit

SOS SAHEL disclaims any responsibility for any damage that occurred during the consultation of the platform or occurred as a result of the download of documents on this platform.

SOS SAHEL makes every effort to ensure the authenticity of published information including e-mail messages, advertisements and the quality of links on the platform. However, SOS SAHEL cannot be held responsible for any errors or consequences that could result from the transmission and use of this information by users.

Many outgoing hyperlinks are present on the platform. However, the web pages where these links lead do not in any way engage the responsibility of the platform that has no control over these links. The user therefore refrains from incurring the responsibility of the platform for the content and resources related to these outgoing hyperlinks.

Once created, users have the option to delete their accounts. Users can also change their credentials. The user makes sure to keep his password secret. Disclosure of the password, in any form, is prohibited. The user assumes the risks associated with using his or her username and password. The platform disclaims any responsibility.

SOS SAHEL reserves the right to refuse access to the platform and to delete without notice the account of any user who directly or indirectly harms the reputation or the proper functioning of the platform: user whose activities do not conform to the objectives of the platform, inappropriate use, insults, non-compliance with the opinions of others, etc.

SOS SAHEL is committed not to take the data out of the African continent. In accordance with ECOWAS regulations on the protection of personal data, you may object to the use of your personal data or access it for correction by contacting: SOS SAHEL - Tel: +221 33 825 69 49; Email address:

For any questions relating to the protection of personal data, you can contact the SOS SAHEL Data Protection Delegate at the same address or by email This data is kept for the duration strictly necessary to achieve the aforementioned purposes.